Bio Sponge Filter For Aquarium Fish Tank

  • $7.99


Ideal to work with a 10-gallon freshwater tank and below more gallons need a double filter. Constructed with Air Duct, Water-air Flow Output Manifold, Right-angle Duct, Air Effusion Chamber, Manifold Adaptor, Cap, Sucker, Three-way cock, Biochem Filter Cartridge, Biochem Filter Sponge, Biochem Filter Cap; The sponge is designed with multi-layer and the material is easy to clean; they are designed to operate away and above the aquarium bottoms; The air diffusion chamber produces minute and large number of air bubbles which increases the oxygen solubility in the water; Quiet operation, suitable for angle fish and other small size fishes raising.

Dimensions: Product Dimension : 9x4.7x14.7cm/3.54" x 1.85" x 5.79" (L*W*T) Sponge Dimension : 4.7 x 7.8cm/1.85" x 3.07" (D*H)

Key Features:

  • Runs quiet and gentle making it perfect for sensitive fish like betta 
  • Increases the oxygen solubility in the water with a minute and large bubbles 
  • easy to clean multi-layer durable sponge
  • Can be put in any positions that fit your tanks environment 

Notice: Soak the sponge in the aquarium water for 5 minutes before use will help nitrifying bacteria colonize easier; Always use aquarium water to clean the sponge, never use the hot water.