Pet Grooming Glove

  • $13.99


Save the pain of brushing your pet's fur and trying to get in those hard to reach places with a plain ordinary brush, instead make brushing a breeze with this de-shedding glove with soft rounded plastic tips that gently work to remove tangles and matted fur while also lifting deep down dirt and dust. It’s perfect for daily pet brushing and massaging and works with all coat types including dogs, horses, bunnies, and cats and it is machine washable for easy cleanup. One side can be used for giving your pet a bath and the other for brushing, it's both for left and right handed persons. 

Key Features: 

  • Rounded plastic tips gently work to remove tangles and mats, plus loose dirt and dust.
  • Collects fur in the glove for super easy clean up while massaging the pet with each stroke.
  • Perfect for all coat types and great for dogs, horses, bunnies, and cats