Professional Grooming Shears

  • $27.00



These beautiful custom rainbow scissors feature straight blade for straight cutting, the thinning portion of bladed for reducing hair thickness and volume along with blunt tips to reduce the risk of pinching your dog's skin. This tool is useful when thinning out mats and tangles. These scissors are an ideal size for general grooming and for thinning hard to reach areas such as around the legs and paws. In addition, these scissors are made to last formed from stainless steel.

Key Features:

  • 3-in-1 trim, cut, and thin
  • 7 inch 23 blades for easy thinning 
  • Ideal for all coat types 

Instructions: Give your dog a bath and let them dry, then brush through their fur and proceed to trim keeping distance from their skin from their shoulders blades down. After cleaning and drying your shears, lubricate them using the scissors lubricant. It is made of wax and alcohol. The alcohol evaporates and leaves a nice, thin wax coating on your shears that will not attract lint and hair. 23 blades great for removing tangles and undercoat.