Travel Size Electric Nail Filer

  • $4.99


Are you worried about using manual nail clippers on your pet and hurting them? Well, a lighter and smaller version of the already easy to use and loved way of filing your pet's nails has arrived. Quick, easy, and painless for your pet, saves time and can conveniently go anywhere you and your pet go. The nail filer is a mess-free solution for perfectly filed nails. Pet Pedicure electric nail filer is made from high-quality plastic and offers a streamlined design that fits anywhere, runs off of two AA batteries (not included) 

Dimensions: 6.8inch - 17.5cm

Key Features:

  • Streamlined design that fits anywhere you and your pet go 
  • Easy to use, painless, and fast to give your pet perfect nails 
  • Runs quiet and efficiently
  • Three replaceable grinder heads are included