Side Load Travel Carrying Case For Small Pets

  • $34.99


Soft and durable EVA foam material side load pet carrying cage with two way head zipper and hand strap on the top for easier carrying. The cage is completely collapsible so it can tuck away when not in use and it is also a great design feature when you need to clean it, your pet will be surrounded in soft cotton, mesh as well as the side ventilation cut outs on the hard shell EVS foam to keep your pet calm and secure. 

Dimensions: 45x37x30 cm

Key Features

  • 360-degree ventilation so your pet won't feel trapped and you have an easy view of them 
  • Able to be taken apart when not in use or when its time to be cleaned
  • Hardshell EVS foam and grip stand legs on the bottom make your pet's cage strong and durable

NOTICE: Cleaning should be done with sanitary wipes or spray