5.5L Automatic Pet Feeder With LCD screen

  • $56.99


The automatic dog or cat food dispenser has an easy to read LCD display, which shows the current time, meals programmed, meal size, and meal served. It can be programmed to dispense from portion 1;4 cups to 3 cups, at 3 selected meals every day, It can take a range of dry food 1 to 12 cups up to a kibble size of 15 m/m in diameter, easy to clean, and last up to 6 months with the 3 D-size batteries (not included). The 5.5L storage compartment keeps food dry and fresh and it's also easy to clean. 

Dimensions: 41/23/25 cm 16/9/9.8 inch

Key Features:

  • Fun, easy, and convenient way to feed your dog while you're not home 
  • Voice memo system allows you to record your voice for your pet
  • Easy read LCD screen, easy to program  
  • Easy to clean thanks to the detachable parts 

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