6 Inch Rabbit, Cat ears, & Reindeer Antler Picture Frame

  • $24.99


Sprucing up your home for next year has never been easier with these cute rabbit ears picture frame perfect for any household as a beautiful decoration, especially during the month of Easter. Also available with cat ears and reindeer antlers with many different colors to match your taste.

Dimensions: 6 Inches 4x6 photo

Rabbit Frame size: 17x25cm Photo Size 9.8x14.8cm

Cat Frame Size 14.5x19.5cm Photo Size: 10x14.3cm 

Antler Frame Size: 16.5x24cm Photo Size: 10x14.4cm 

Key Features: 

  • Great decor for your home to make your pictures even cuter 
  • Made from a safe and durable resin material 
  • Many cute styles and colors to choose from