Adidog Dog Tracksuit

  • $20.99


Make sure your dog is ready to go do some laps around the track with this Adidog dog tracksuit. If he's ready to beat all the competition or lay around like a couch potato all day your pooch will stay warm while looking stylish with this super-soft cotton polyester blend. A large screen-print logo is on the back modeled after a popular sports apparel brand, this classic tracksuit features ribbed cuffs for a snug, comfortable fit, and simple snap button closure. Featuring a wide range of colors and the widest assortment of sizes available, this bark-tastic tracksuit is sure to be a winner 

Dimensions: Exact sizing for inches and CM can be found in pictures, please measure your dog and choose the correct sizing. 

Key Features: 


  • Sporty and athletic tracksuit styled from a similar sports apparel brand 
  • Keep your pup looking cool and feeling warm weather he's exercising or relaxing the super soft cotton and polyester blend is perfect
  • Large ADIDOG logo on the back with a double-striped hoodie, arms, and legs for an authentic look.
  • Ribbed cuffs and snap button closure provide a snug, comfortable fit, while the soft hoodie can help keep their head warm on a chilly morning walk.


Grab your measuring tape, measure around your dog's neck leaving room for two fingers and that's the neck size, measure your dog's chest around the widest part Measurement + 2 in= Chest size, finally measure the base of the neck to the base of the tail Measurement + 2 in = Back size, then just click the size tab and find your dog's correct size.