Back Seat Pet Isolation Net

  • $15.99


A back seat or front seat mesh gate car protector to help secure your dog to one part of your SUV or sedan, big enough to block your pets from entering the front. A central support rod increases the net's strength and a Stay-Put device helps hold the net firmly in place. Designed to fit all vehicles with headrests, from sedans to full-size SUVs. One size available to easily fit from one headrest to the other and wide size stretches up to the top of the roof of the car. All mesh design to help AC travel easily past it and it also gives you an easy look to check up on your pet.

Dimension: 45.2"×24.4" (115x62cm)

Key Features:

  • Adjustable suspension system fits all vehicles with headrests
  • Claw-proof micro-mesh makes it easier to see through than metal tube barriers
  • Pop-up wire frame keeps the net from sagging
  • The barrier acts as a deterrent but is not strong enough to stop a determined dog

Please note: To use this with your pet might require some training if they aren't as eager the pet net will stop them, but this cannot stop an eager dog.