Collapsible Dog Travel Bowls

  • $17.99


High quality 100% polyester collapsible dog bowls. Soft, lightweight, anti-dust, and durable. Waterproof nylon that is coated on the inside to prevent leaks from the water. Two bowls in one, for food and water that stay attached to save space. Both bowls are able to clip on every backpack or pants and can be folded up easily to even fit into your pocket, they even clip together to keep them in one place. For all types of animals on the go. Available in multiple colors. 

Dimensions: HeightxDiameterxCircumference 3x5.5x17.3 inch Weight 35oz

Key Features

  • Two bowls in one, for food and water
  • All waterproof 100% polyester bowl
  • Folds up and clips to fit anywhere