Cooled Orthopedic Snoozer Bed

  • $27.99


Designed to keep your dog nice and cool all summer long under a fiber polyester breathable. The self-cooling mat attracts the pet to lay on it during warm weather. Durable resistant to biting, non slip moisture proof, and all around comfort. For indoor use only. 

Dimensions: Small-22"×16.5"×2.36" Medium-25"×19.26"×2.36" Large-28"×29"×2.4"×1.36" Extra large-31"×25.15"×2.36"

Key Features:

  • Cooling relief for hot climates
  • Engineered to absorb a pet's body heat
  • Safe, hassle-free, non-toxic, non-electric, no refrigeration required
  • Easy care, hand washable and machine washable
  • Recommended for indoor use only