Dog Support Harness

  • $20.99


Provide an effective walking aid for aging or disabled dogs in need of assistance with their balance or mobility, or dogs in recovery from knee, hip or back injuries. Durable, stylish, eco-friendly high-quality soft polyester all season cloth filled with sponge. Hand washable or machine wash. Perfect for any medium to large size dogs up to 45 pounds, very lightweight product and folds up in seconds for easy storage. 

Dimensions: Small: belly 48cm 18.8inches- width: 18cm/11.02inches Medium: belly 60cm/23.62inches- width: 34cm/13.39inches Large: belly 68cm/26.77inch Width: 39cm/15.35inches

Key Features

  • Provides support for aging or disabled dogs with recovering injuries 
  • Made from durable polyester material 
  • Folds in seconds for easy storage