Double Sponge Water Bio Filter

  • $10.50


The sponge filters work for 20-gallon tanks and below, they provide both mechanical and biological filtration with low current and suction that won't harm fry or shrimp. Useful for a breeding filter or as a secondary filter or it can be used as a pre-filtration unit by fitting to an external or a top filter. Works when aerobic bacteria colonize the sponge providing a bacterial substance to facilitate the nitrogen cycle. In addition, the sponge traps larger waste particles mechanically cleaning the water. Can be stuck on the glass of any tank with the suction mounts provided. 

Dimensions: 11.5x8.8x0.6 inches

Key Features:

  • Does not trap fish fry. Suitable filter when breeding and spawning Discus, Dwarf cichlids, guppies, and killifish 
  • Max tank size 20-gallon 
  • Keeps water crystal clear