Drinking Fountain With Nozzle

  • $7.99


For all small dogs, cats, hamsters, rabbits etc. The sipper nozzle can fit on any size cage to keep your pet hydrated while they are traveling or just while they're sitting at home, you will have no worries about them being thirsty all day. The nozzle is made out of durable stainless steel with a thick plastic bottle to keep your pets' water all day long.

Capacity: Small: 180ML-6oz Medium: 350ML-11.83oz

Key Features

  • Easy to clamp on any size cage straight out the package with a spring attachment included that allows for bottle placement in or outside of the cage.
  • Large enough to carry water for your pet all day long 
  • Glass gives an easy view of water level 

Notice: We recommend cleaning the product before use, with soap and water to ensure your pet can drink safely. 

If traveling pleases double check with your airline standers to make sure this bottle is allowed.