Electric Nail Filer

  • $13.99


If your pet has long nails that can hurt and dig into their paws or maybe they just need a trim an electric nail filer will make the job of filing down their nails easy, safe, and effective. Comfortable, lightweight, and easy to hold in hand due to its ergonomic design. The painless and easy diamond coating filing head makes it easy to clean and file your dog or cats nails. One thing for pets sensitive to loud noises, the nail clippers running noise is quiet and should not scare your pet. Requires two AA batteries (not included)

Dimensions: 13.5cm/2.2cm/3cm  5.3/0.866/1.18 inch

Key Features

  • Painless and easy to use, as well as quiet when in use 
  • Sturdy diamond coated filing head for continued use 
  • The adjustable protective cover makes filing safer and has an opening for dogs and a smaller one for cats
  • Lightweight with ergonomically designed handle