Flexible Jungle Vine For Reptiles Habitat

  • $7.99


Made from an all safe natural like pine wood material to give it more of a realistic feel and with a length of 3 feet, this is the perfect addition to your snakes or any of your reptile's habitat. It will make your pets tank feel like a lifelike environment. The perfect addition to the landscape to give your pet a spot to slither up on and hang out. Completely bendable to have it in any shape or position that suits your tanks size or pet. 

Dimensions: 1 Meter - 3 Feet

Key Features:

  • 3-foot long vine gives your tanks landscape a more realistic look for your pet
  • Perfect for all smaller pets such as insects, small snakes, and lizards (Lacertilia)
  • Completly bendable and flexible so it can fit perfectly in the tank or adjustable for the size of your pet