Reptile Tank Heating Mat

  • $15.99


The heat mat distributes heat around the tank to keep your reptiles and amphibians warm. Great for; spiders, tortoise, snakes, lizards, frogs, scorpions and other small pets in need of a warm environment. Designed with a water resistant and moisture proof designed, keeps the reptile tank warm without any harm to your pets. Equipped with a temperature controller that provides a set and constant heat.

Dimensions: Different watts are available in different sizes (They can be found in the size options) 

Key Features: 

  •  Makes a warm environment for your reptiles and amphibians
  •  More proof and water resistant 
  • Temperature control provides a set heat
  • Warms up all tanks under 20 gallons 

NOTICE: The mat needs to be under the tank, do not let it come in direct contact with your pet. The mat should not be placed directly beneath another heat source such as a heat lamp. All models include a built-in thermal cutoff which means the mat does not need to be run on a thermostat.

INSTALLATION: Warmtact Heat Mats are supplied with plastic stick-on feet. Remove the feet from the paper and attach them to the corners of the enclosure. The 14 and 20W models are supplied with 6 feet, the extra feet should be placed halfway along each side of the enclosure. Attach the mat under the enclosure in the desired location by taping the transparent edges of the mat to the underside of the enclosure and switch the mat on at the power outlet. Monitor and conduct visual inspections of the heat mat daily for the first 3-5 days after installation to ensure the heat mat is functioning properly.