Magnetic Floating Aquarium Glass Cleaner

  • $12.99


Your aquarium will always be in perfect condition with this magnetic aquarium glass cleaner! The game-changing glass cleaner makes cleaning of algae and scum a breeze, all from the inside of the aquarium. Strong magnets on the inside of the brushes keep each side of the brush working in sync to wipe off any debris with ease- so there is no need to waste water by emptying out the tank, Plus, the brush is waterproof in up to 30 gallons and floats, so if it separates it can easily be recovered. Reduce the number of cleanings by creating a healthy environment.


M: Approx 9.5cm X 4.5cm X 7.4cm ( 3.7" X 1.8" X 2.9");
L: Approx 10.5cm X 5.5cm X 7.4cm ( 4.1" X 2.2" X 2.9");
XL: Approx 12cm X 6.3cm X 9.3cm ( 4.7" X 2.5" X 3.7");

Key Features:

  • An easy to use brush that cleans both the inside and the outside at the same time- wiping off algae and scum with ease.
  • Not only can it be used for fish tanks, but for windows and glass doors to wipe off your pet's messes 
  • The soft cleaning cloth won't damage the tank
  • The magnets keep both halves together