Rectangle Hide & Seek Cat Tunnel

  • $20.99


This item is manufactured with premium kraft paper mix material for durable and long-lasting use. It is soft and smooth and easy to clean with a simple sanitary wipe. A fresh aromatic fragrance satisfies your cat's sense of smell. The small tunnel with a fun and interesting rectangle shape puts your pets in P-awe and makes them go crazy with excitement as they explore the new toy in their environment, keeping them active and healthy while satisfying their need for small spaces.

Dimensions: 61.5x27x22cm / 24.2x10.6x8.7 inch (LxWxH).

Key Features:

  • Made of high-quality smooth feel durable kraft paper, easy to clean with a sanitary wipe
  • Keeps your cat healthy in all categories and active
  • Satisfies your cat's natural need to be in small spaces 
  • Eco-friendly and veterinarian approved