Sofa Pet Bed Cover For Furniture

  • $25.99


Being that many of our pets are indoors it will make sense to see why they would like to be on the furniture. Many pet owners are happy but still want to prevent wear-and-tear and time that goes into cleaning. Dahomemon's filled bolster provides a cushion on three sides and serves as a backstop to keep pet hair from touching the upholstery. This style can also be easily removed for cleaning or when guests arrive.

Dimensions: Small-17" ×27"×3" Medium-23"×33"×3" Large- 27"×57"×4" Extra large-33"×59"×4"

Key Features:

  • Three sides provide exceptional comfort for pets and protect furniture seat back and arms
  • Plush, quilted, main section extends forward to protect the front edge of the cushion
  • Machine washable