Warm Fleece Reindeer & Snowflake Print Dog Sweater With Hoodie

  • $13.99



Make your pet feel nice and cozy and look stylish with this cute and soft double lined fleece sweater with a hoodie, great for the cold holiday season. Perfect for a night out or a warm and cozy night of cuddles with your pet. It’s easy to slip on, ultra-wearable and lined with sherpa fleece on the inside for added warmth coming in handy for those chilly days.


SMALL- Neck: 26cm, Length: 17cm, Chest: 26cm 

MEDIUM- Neck: 28cm, Length: 22cm, Chest: 30cm 

LARGE- Neck: 30cm, length: 25cm. Chest: 36cm 

EXTRA LARGE- Neck: 34cm, Length: 32cm, Chest: 40cm 

DOUBLE XL- Neck: 38cm, Length: 40cm, Chest: 50cm

Key Features: 

  • Comfortable hoodie provides added warmth and comfort, perfect for winter wear 
  • Stylish for a night out and comfy enough for a cozy night in 
  • Soft fleece and sleeves for a comfy, casual look and it's easy to put on with a slip-on design
  • Perfect for all small cats and dogs alike, and makes a great holiday gift or stocking stuffer for any pet parent 


Grab your measuring tape, measure around your dog's neck leaving room for two fingers and that's the neck size, measure your dog's chest around the widest part Measurement + 2 in= Chest size, finally measure the base of the neck to the base of the tail Measurement + 2 in = Back size, then just click the size tab and find your dog's correct size