Water Proof & Windproof Pet Jacket

  • $14.99


Give your pet something cozy and stylish to wear this fall and cold winter season with these wind and waterproof puffy cotton jackets for all small dogs and cats alike. It's the perfect addition for your pet to wear on a walkout while it's windy or rainy or even for a really cozy night in. Easy slip-on design with three snap buttons for a secure fit and stretch-cuffed sleeves add the finishing touches to this fashionable and timeless design. 


Extra Small: Back- 7.48", Neck- 7.87", Chest- 11" 

Small: Back- 9.45", Neck- 9.45", Chest- 12.60"

Medium: Back- 11.42", Neck- 11.02", Chest- 14.17"

Large: Back- 13.39", Neck-12.60", Chest- 15.75"

Extra Large: Back- 15.35", Neck-14.17", Chest- 18.11"

Key Features: 

  • Soft durable windproof waterproof cotton jacket with a secure slip-on three button fit
  • Keeps your pet super cozy, warm, and looking stylish
  • Hoodie for added warmth
  • Machine washable for easy cleanup

MEASURING INSTRUCTIONS: All measurements in the description are in inches 

Grab your measuring tape, measure around your dog's neck leaving room for two fingers and that's the neck size, measure your dog's chest around the widest part Measurement + 2 in= Chest size, finally measure the base of the neck to the base of the tail Measurement + 2 in = Back size, then just click the size tab and find your dog's correct size.