Window Pet Car Guard

  • $24.99


Ever worry about your pet jumping out the back or front window of your car while it is open? Well, this window guard is for you, whether you have a sedan, crossover, full-size SUV, or truck it can easily fit on your window allowing you and your dog to receive fresh air as well as keeping them safe from exiting the moving or parked vehicle. It gives you easy access to view out the window without being blocked thanks to the rhombus-shaped holes. Made out of a lightweight sturdy PP material, that folds up nicely and is lightweight to store anywhere, also easy to install within seconds, no tools required. 

Dimensions: Small: 24cm/11cm\ 9.44"/4.33" (inch)  Medium: 24cm/17.7m\ 9.44"/6.96" (inch)

Key Features:

  • Keeps your pet safe from jumping out a moving or parked car window
  • Fits a wide variety of car and truck windows
  • Provides you with an easy view out the window despite the gate being there 
  • Allows you and your pet to enjoy the fresh air 

NOTICE: The measurements might be off my by a few millimeters due to hand measurements, but it won't make a big difference.